Best Air Rifle 2014-2015 Reviews & Buying Guide

Air rifles are the most wanted equipment among the hunting lovers who have a zest to hunt in an easy and fun way. The air guns are perfect to be used for game hunting small animals and birds and can also be used for pest control purposes. No matter which type of animals you prefer to hunt or want to deal with while game hunting, the most preferred choice while purchasing an air rifle is an easy to handle and lightweight gun. Such guns are fast, accurate and come along with a scope to let you target your hunt in a precise way.

In order to find a best air rifle for your gaming, you should be aware of its various characteristics and types, to let you select which is best for you. For this, you can go through information about different kinds of air rifles as well as air rifle reviews online. From these reviews you will be able to judge and select the most appropriate rifle depending upon your hunting needs as well as the features you would prefer.

Top 10 best Air Rifle in the Market in 2015

Based on the features and the customers experiences we have sorted out 10 best air rifles for you to select your best choice. Each of the air rifle review would provide you a glimpse of that product in a brief yet comprehensive way.

1. Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo Whisper Silent

Nothing would be better to have a rifle that offers a whisper quiet function while game hunting. For hunters who need a well structured rifle with a skeleton stock to handle it easily while hunting. The rifle is designed in a way to provide maximum stability and easy grip, so that you can pick your target well. It has the ability to shoot with a velocity of about 1200 Feet with a PBA. Such a velocity would never let you miss your target with an accurate and quick shot per attempt. In order to help you better there is a 4×32 scope to provide maximum accuracy  and precision to get your target. If you consider the caliber of this rifle the you would also be satisfied to hear that it has a .177 caliber that is the most appropriate one for a hunting rifle. The overall structure is made of a weather resistant material that will allow you to use it in any weather condition either sunny or rainy without any worries. The last but not the least is the noise dampening set up to reduce the shooting sound for as much as 52% and giving a great accurate shot with least noise produced.

2. Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel

This resourceful rifle comes with 3-9×40 mm AO optic given from the Center Point giving the hunter the most accurate shot to get your target. The sling mounts that come along as an attachment gives more option to the shooter. The shooting velocity is 1100 feet per second using alloy ammunition and 950 feet per second using the lead ones. It weighs just 8.5 pounds and has a reasonable 49 inch length to carry and shoot with ease. It consists of sling mounts and made of hardwood. It would be the best air rifle  for small game hunting and pest control.

3. Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2

The .22 caliber shooter with 1200 feet per second velocity makes a great one which this gun offers you. It is a Nitro Piston type with break barrel along with the much desired synthetic stock. The 3.9 x 32 scope offers the shooters to aim their target with much more accuracy. The 2 stage trigger system further enhances your ability to shoot your target with precision. The integrated noise suppression makes this powerful gun quite calm while shooting so you can use it with less noise and accurate shot. You can trust this gun with great confidence for pest control, varmint hunting and other small game purposes no matter how tricky is to hit your target, it would not disapoint you.

4. Gamo Whisper Fusion .177 Caliber

If you are a hunting lover who need a faster shot accurately hit to your target, then you can surely rely on this 0.177 caliber shooter. It will give you a whooping shooting velocity of 1300 feet per second. This rare combination and capacity you will rarely find in any other similar product. The 3.9 x 4 scope is also very effective and better quality than many of the others giving you an accurate hit. It uses sophisticated dual noise dampening technology to make it less noise when triggered. Its IGT feature makes it even more precise and efficient that replaces the old spring based shot with an inert as technology. The looks, feel and weight and also the user friendly design of the cannon make it worth investing for the price it comes at and you would never feel disappointed to have this hunting gun along you.

5. Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle

This Crossman air rifle has been designed to provide maximum accuracy to take the best shot and enjoy the game. It includes all those features that would help you achieve your goals in one shot. The most important feature is that scope  with a 3-9×32 mm right from the center point. This center point scope would help you get your target in your first attempt. In addition to it you can expect to have a break period between two subsequent calibrations of about 250 shots and that’s perfect for hunting the way you would love. The Muzzle brake is being fluted and its ergonomic design with a wide forearm to help you handle and place the rifle in an easy as well as the exact position for a better hit to your target. It’s not too much bulky weighing about 7.4 pounds and would be an easy tool to hunt small targets or even pest control.

6. Gamo Big Cat 1250

This 0.177 caliber cannon deploys PBA Platinum ammunition to shoot at an incredible velocity of 1250 feet per second. The 4 x 32 scope attachment provides a better option to the user for locating the target. The single cocking system provides a further simplified solution with a tried and tested non slip checkering on its grip.  Its  user friendly design makes it easy to handle and would not let it slip out of your hands due to the firm grip it has. Its fluted barrel helps lower the sound. The scope has grooved design and also has rings with it. The gun manufacturer offers a 1 year limited warranty which gives users the right peace of mind to invest their money in this incredible rifle.

7. Gamo Whspr Fsn Pro Air

The Gamo Pro Air is a 0.177 caliber with an astonishing 1400 feet per second velocity that would help you get your target within seconds. The rifle scope of 3.9 x4 adds much more value to the system along with a resourceful 33mm cylinder. The users who find the big noise a turn off would find it ideal for its useful dual noise dampening technology to suppress excessive sound in order to damp the sound and make your shooting experience much comfortable as compared to an ordinary rifle. The deal is good as the system comes along with productive 50 platinum ammunition and 30 pellet ones. It consists of 33mm power plant that is cylindrical. The butt plate has the shock absorbing ability and would not let any harm to the user. The barrel is fluted with polymer covered steel barrel to help lower the sound produced.  The price is also reasonable which makes it a worth investing rifle.

8. Black Ops Tactical Sniper Spring

It is probably the best air rifle that you will see in the 0.177 caliber range. This spring piston type has an extra cocking leverage with rail, adjustable comb along with synthetic stock which makes the overall shooting process much more easy and shock proof and easy to handle while hitting your target. The rifle has an enormous shooting capacity to hit with a velocity of 1250 feet per sec. The 4 x 32 scope allows you to aim your target with great precision. In addition to the accuracy and precision allowed, it is a break barrel gun, but the manufacturer has equipped it with a bolt to give it more of a tactical look. If you need a precise shot with an ease of handling then it could be your best companion.

9. Gamo Hornet Air Rifle

The Gamo Hornet air rifle is a perfect starter rifle for those who need to learn shooting with an easy to handle air-rifle. With a 0.177 caliber, it’s perfect for hunting ventures. It has an eighteen inch barrel and a total weight of about 6.1 pounds that makes it a great choice for those who need a lightweight rifle that shoots accurately. The butt of the rifle is made of a rubber pad, a pair of cheek pads and a sturdy holding texture and a design to hold the rifle comfortably. The scope of the rifle is of 4 ply 32 and comes with rings. The total trigger pull is of 3.74 pounds and gains a velocity of about 12,000 fps. The trigger is safe and easy to pull and can be handled without any issue, but it also is safe with a lock system to hold it perfectly for sufficient resistance without making it hard for the user.

10. Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Semi-Automatic CO2 Pellet Gun

It is a feature enriched semi-automatic rifle. The fiber optic Center Point sight allows you a much clearer vision to aim your target. It is 0.177 with a meager 625 feet per second shooting velocity. The exclusive inclusion of the 2 shot rotary pellet clip makes it easy to fire with continuity. It’s easy to handle design makes it great for new hunters. The gun is super light in weight with a 36.9 inch length and that’s why it is the best choice for an easy shooting venture. You will find it ideal for short game play, pest control and varmint hunting.  Its steel barrel and synthetic stock make it all season favorable and you can easily use it either in a rainy weather or extreme temperature conditions. It would be a great option if you need a durable rifle. Though you should be careful enough to buy it and consider the availability as its not available for sale in some areas.


Air rifles come in various forms and have different features that cater to different needs and hunting requirements. You should be aware about all the important aspects for choosing the best air rifle for your use. In case you are a starter and have never bought an air rifle, then you should be very careful in making your decision to purchase an air rifle. For this purpose you should be going through all the important information available about the rifles. By comparing the features, capabilities and the styles of different rifles to your requirements and hunting needs, you will be in a better place to buy a best pellet rifle for you. A rifle that is less complicated, is light weight, has lesser noise and comes along with the desired caliber and power would be the best one for you to consider.

You should also be checking the overall design and material used in it. It is important because when a rifle is easy to grip on and has a design that is simple to handle is the best for everyone and would be of great help to get an accurate shot at your target.

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